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Leadership Asheville Forum

The alumni association for Leadership Asheville and Leadership Asheville Seniors. It’s purpose and mission is to advance leadership in the Asheville – Buncombe County, NC community and to provide public forums on issues critical to the future well-being of the region(Alumni Association).

Join Other Seniors for Lunch

Seniors are invited to participate in planned activities and fellowship, and receive a hot, delicious meal at any of 8 sites in Buncombe County. Meals are a $1.50 donation. Transportation available with advance notice.


Buncombe County Council on Aging

Buncombe County Council on Aging is a non-profit corporation consisting of senior citizens groups, organizations, and individuals that provide services to older people. Visit this site to find a list and descriptions of local programs for older adults.

Volunteers are needed for many services:

Call A Ride (CAR/CAR+) is a volunteer transportation program that provides rides to seniors who can no longer drive or use public/community transportation (ART/Mountain Mobility). Our volunteers use their own vehicles to transport seniors to their appointments, the grocery store or to meet other needs such as haircuts or voting.

CAR is highly flexible. It is coordinated, in part, through an online scheduling tool which allows volunteers to sign up for rides that meet their needs and interests. Many times a client can be dropped off at an appointment while the volunteer runs errands, visits friends or relaxes with a tea until the appointment is over. Most ride requests are for office hours appointments but there are grocery runs, salon appointments and additional trips that can be made on the weekends as well. We also reimburse our volunteer drivers for their mileage- currently at a rate of $0.55 per mile.

It is a tremendous relief to our clients to have somewhere to turn when they can no longer use their vehicles. We are a society dependent on our cars, and we take them for granted, not thinking twice when we need to go to the store to get a gallon of milk, but when we lose the ability to safely drive ourselves, we lose our independence and can become isolated and home bound. The Council on Aging does not charge clients for this service but will accept donations.

Contact Heather at [email protected] or 828-277-8288 ext. 317

Our senior clients prefer to stay in their own homes but mowing grass and other minor yard work can become overwhelming. This can lead to an unsafe living environment. Volunteers are not required to have their own equipment; however if not, they will be limited to what the client has. We ask that volunteers keep lawns manageable and safe so the frequency of mowing will be determined by the lawn itself.

Contact Zoe at [email protected] or 828-277-8288 ext. 308

YMI Cultural Center

For years, the 18,000 square foot YMI building was the social and economic center of Asheville’s Black community. Currently YMI is a cultural center operating with support from the City of Asheville. Its impressive Tudor-style structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features four galleries and a 300-seat performing arts theatre.

39 S Market St, Asheville, NC 28801 Directions

(828) 252-4614

North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement

NCCCR has the threefold purpose of promoting lifelong learning, leadership, and community service opportunities for retirement-aged individuals. Most of NCCCR programs are in the Asheville area, but some are carried out in collaboration with other organizations in other parts of North Carolina or across the country.

The College for Seniors

The College for Seniors offers a wide range of classes to people over 50. With full access to the resources of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, College for Seniors members keep mentally and physically fit through participation in classes and possibly even teaching. Educational travel opportunities are also available.

Leadership Asheville Seniors

Leadership Asheville Seniors is a program for retirement aged people in Buncombe County. During seven day-long sessions in a variety of locations around the community, participants meet with community leaders, activists, and politicians to gain in-depth understanding of the area’s history, people, institutions, challenges, and opportunities. Leadership Asheville Seniors participants often use the program to reevaluate their choice of volunteer roles or to find new ones.

YWCA of Asheville

Eliminating racism, empowering women — it’s what the YWCA is about and what it intends to do. The YWCA of Asheville offers programs in Aquatics, including swim lessons, lap and open swims, water aerobics, lifeguard training, and more. is proud to be an Advocate of the YWCA of Asheville.

Senior Treks

Low impact hiking club for seniors with leisurely paced hikes from Asheville Parks and Recreation Outdoor Program.


Hikes for Seniors

Hikes for seniors every Friday! Hikes are usually near Asheville and they are about a hour in length.

828-628-1999 or 828-658-2293