Movie Showtimes in Asheville, NC

Cinema showing first-run and indie films plus football, with a full bar and lounge.
Beauty and the Beast Poster
2hr 3min - PG
11:05a 2:45p 6:30p 9:45p
Free Fire Poster
1hr 31min - R
11:05a 1:30p 4:10p 7:25p 9:55p
Get Out Poster
1hr 43min - R
7:45p 10:35p
Gifted Poster
1hr 38min - PG-13
10:25a 1:05p 4:20p 6:55p 10:00p
Going in Style Poster
0hr 0min - PG-13
10:10a 12:45p 3:55p 7:20p 10:05p
Kong: Skull Island Poster
1hr 58min - PG-13
10:00a 1:15p 4:30p 7:35p 10:40p
Logan Poster
2hr 15min - R
6:45p 10:20p
Phoenix Forgotten Poster
1hr 20min - PG-13
10:45a 1:20p 4:15p 7:05p 9:40p
Power Rangers Poster
2hr 4min - PG-13
1:00p 4:25p
The Boss Baby Poster
1hr 37min - PG
10:50a 1:40p 4:35p 7:10p 9:50p
The Fate of the Furious Poster
2hr 16min - PG-13
10:00a 11:00a 12:15p 3:00p 4:00p 5:30p 7:00p 7:15p 9:15p 10:25p
The Promise Poster
2hr 10min - PG-13
12:00p 3:40p 6:50p 10:10p
The Zookeeper's Wife Poster
2hr 6min - PG-13
12:05p 3:30p
Unforgettable Poster
1hr 40min - R
10:55a 1:45p 4:40p 7:30p 10:15p