Sunday Brunch


Licuado de fruta: Fresh fruit with organic mile shake with


Huevoscon Puerco:Scrambled eggs with pork loin, black beans and pico de gallo served with tortillas 7.5

Farmerís goat cheese omelet with poblano peppers & wild leeks served with organic home fries and rosemary mayonnaise 8.

Tofu Scramble d with organicroasted heirloom squash, wild muchrooms and organic corn served with fruit salad7.5

Red Chilaquiles:tortilla casserole with scrambled eggs, queso fresco

and sour cream7.

Torta De Huevo: Mexican sourdough sandwich with over easy egg, pork loin, poblano peppers and guacamole served with organic Yukon gold home fries 7.5

Huevos Aztecas: poached eggs in tomato chilie sauce with cilantro rice, black beans with crispy tortillas and salsa fresca8.

Ensalada De Fruta: seasoned fruit cocktail with wild honey, organic yogurt, coconut ribbons toasted pecans and coconut & almond grnola8.

Classic Mexican Caesar Salad with anchovy filets and asiago cheese6.

Taquitos De Borrego: Slow roasted leg of lamb taquitos with salsa borracha and sweet corn salad†† 9.



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