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playgrounds and activity guide

A short list of the many playgrounds in Asheville.

Parks and Play Areas

Asheville is full of beautiful parks and playgrounds to enjoy. Parks and Play Areas are open 6am until 10pm, seven days a week, and offer a variety of passive and active recreational opportunities.

Call 828-259-5800 for information on any of these parks.

Albemarle Park:

This park is located in the historic Albemarle Park, east of Charlotte Street in North Asheville. The Park is surrounded by the Manor Inn Apartments and the beautiful cottages. The Park includes .5 acres of underdeveloped land.

Amboy Road River Park:

The park is located off of Amboy Road in West Asheville. It includes 6.5 acres that are currently under construction. The Park has added picnick tables and paved walking paths that follow the river. This is a great shady place to walk on hot summer evenings.

Ann Patton Joyce Park:

This park features a toddler playgound and 2 acres to run and play on in the Beverly Hills community.

Charlie Bullman Park:

This 6 acre park features two lighted ballfields, a concession stand, and restrooms. It is located off New Haw Creek Road in east Asheville.

Choctaw Street Park:

This 6.5 acre park is a largely undeveloped neighborhood getaway located in central Asheville. It does include two tennis courts.

City County Plaza:

City County Plaza is the best place to see amazing performances in Asheville. Almost all of the city's activities are held here: Bele Chere, First Night Asheville, Fourth of July Fireworks, Shindig on the Green , and much more. It is within walking distance of some of the best resturants and cafes in Asheville. The park includes 4.7 acres of land with art work, landscaping, stage, and downtown location.

French Broad River Park:

This beautiful 14 acre park includes trails, picnic tables, grills, open shelter, fishing deck, restrooms, play area, and a wildflower garden. One thing that makes this park wonderfully unique is the new Dog Park. this is a large fenced-in area made just for exercise.

French Broad River Park Phase IV:

This exciting new park, located on Amboy Road just off Interstate 240 will eventually feature four grass and two sand volleyball courts, a large wooden playground structure, a roller-hockey rink, a basketball court, and a multi-use track for both bicyclists and pedestrians. For more information the development of this park keep checking with Asheville.com!

Over One Thousand Volunteers Help Construct French Broad River Park Playground.
Asheville community volunteers and sponsors can "take a bow" for the generous support and hard work that they provided over the past five days to construct the new playground at the French Broad River Park. The playground was constructed over the past five days in a good old-fashioned "barn raising" style, for which over 1,000 volunteers contributed their labor, tools and donations to successfully build the new playground. This is the third playground the Asheville Parks and Recreation Department has constructed in the Asheville area using only volunteers. More details

Glenn's Creek Greenway:

This one mile greenway is a beautiful green space with a wide, paved walking path with gorgeous old trees. It is located off Merrimon Avenue on Weaver Boulevard in North Asheville. This is the first phase of the Broadway Greenway.

Griffing Boulevard Rose Garden:

The 0.8 acre Rose Garden located in North Asheville is a beautiful garden in the middle of Griffing Boulevard. Drive by and view the hundreds of rose bushes.

Grove Park:

The 2.9 acre Grove Park is a wonderful place to sit and eat lunch. Many people go there everyday to read and relax. The park has open shelters, large flowering trees, and a beautiful turn-of-the-century stone sitting wall.

Haw Creek Park:

This park in east Asheville is 6.2 acres of beauty with wooden walking trails, a gazebo, restrooms and picnic tables. This is located at the conner of Avon and Beverly Roads in the Haw Creek

Kenilworth Park:

The Kenilworth Park includes 3 acres of ballfields, basketball courts, picnic tables, a playground, restrooms, tennis courts, 2 grills and much more.

Lakewood Park:

Located on Lakewood Parkway, this 0.3 acre park is full of fun. It includes a basketball court, a newly remodeled playground, sandbox, picnic tables, and a field to play in.

Larchmont Park:

.2 acres, undeveloped, Larchmont Road and Merrimon Avenue, 259-5800

Livingston Street Park:

Located on 32.3 acres, Livingston Street Park has a ballfield, concession stand, tennis courts, and restrooms. The park is located in central Asheville off South French Broad Avenue.

Magnolia Park:

Located in the Montford Community, Magnolia Park features a basketball court, restrooms, an open shelter, playground, picnic tables, and a paved walking path.

Malvern Hills Park:

This is the only park in Asheville with a 50-foot by 150-foot outdoor swimming pool. It also includes a concession stand, picnic tables, picnic grills, playground, restrooms, open shelter, and tennis courts.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park:

This 3.4 acre park is dedicated to the memory of the great Martin Luther King, Jr. The park inlcudes a lighted ballfield with scoreboard, concession stand, fitness court, picnic tables, playground, restrooms, open shelter, memorial statue, courtyard, and grills.

Meadow Park

.75 acre, playground, picnic tables, off street unpaved parking, Caledonia Road, 259-5800

Memorial Stadium:

Located behind McCormick Stadium, this fenced, 28.8 acre park features a lighted football field that is bordered by both stadium and bleacher seating, and a restroom facility. ld, concession stand, football field, volleyball, restrooms, track, off street paved parking, handicap accessible, Buchanan St., 259-5800

Montford Park:

4.1 acres, basketball courts, playground, restrooms, open shelter, tennis courts, picnic shelter, on street parking, Montford Ave., 253-3714

Mountainside Park:

.3 acre, ballfield, playground, picnic shelter, on street parking, Hunt Hill Street, 259-5800

Murphy-Oakley Park:

7.7 acres, ballfield, basketball courts, concession stand, picnic tables, open shelter, off street paved parking, handicap accessible, grills, tennis courts, playground, restrooms, Fairview Rd., 274-7088

Murry Hill Park:

7 acre, undeveloped, Bartlett Street, 259-5800

Pack Square:

1 acre, fountain, memorial monument, handicap accessible, on street parking. Biltmore Ave., Downtown, 259-5800

Pearson Bridge River Park:

.4 acres, undeveloped, Riverside Drive and Pearson Bridge, 259-5800

Pritchard Park:

0.3 acres, fountain, bus shelter, seating, on street parking, College and Patton Ave., Downtown 259-5800

Ray L. Kisiah Park:

37 acres, ballfields, concession, on street parking, restroom, West Chapel Rd., 259-5800

Richmond Hill Park:

181.5 acres, undeveloped, Richmond Hill, 259-5800

Riverside Cemetery:

87 acres, memorial monuments, historic grave sites, Birch St., 258-8480

Roger Farmer Memorial Park:

10.9 acres, ballfields, concession stand, picnic tables, restrooms, basketball court, shelter, paved off street parking, Dearview Rd., 258-2235

Seven Springs Park:

3.7 acres, trails, on street parking, small shelter, Caledonia Rd., 252-6021

Shiloh Park:

7 acres, ballfield, concession stand, tennis courts, basketball court, playground, off street paved parking, restrooms, Shiloh Rd., 274-7739

Skateboard Park:

atop the Civic Center Parking Lot, 778-8941

Sunset Parkway:

3 acres, linear passive park located on a large street median, on street parking, Sunset Parkway, 259-5800

Thomas Wolfe Plaza:

0.3 acres, memorial monument, handicap accessible, Woodfin St., Downtown, 259-5800

Walton St. Pool/Park:

4.8 acres, ballfield, concession stand, swimming pool, picnic shelter, handicap accessible, restrooms, playground, picnic tables, basketball court, grills, off street paved parking, Walton and Depot St., 254-8008

Weaver Park:

6.6 acres, ballfield, basketball courts, concession stand, picnic shelter, tables, grills, tennis courts, volleyball court, playground, restrooms, paved off street parking, handicap accessible, Murdock and Merrimon Ave., 258-2453

West Asheville Park:

8.6 acres, ballfield, concession stand, picnic shelter, picnic tables tennis courts, restrooms, off street paved parking, playground, grills, basketball court, Vermont Ave., 258-2235

White Pine Park:

5 acres, undeveloped, White Pine Court, 259-5800

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