ASPIRE Experience Conference

Sun, Apr 14
Pack Square Park
80 Court Plaza, Asheville, NC 28801, USA
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AIA South Atlantic Region

AIA South Atlantic’s new ASPIRE EXPERIENCE is a one-of-a-kind conference using Asheville’s art scene, historical architecture, craft breweries, popular parks, and local businesses to create and present a program of education, inspiration, and engagement for the design and construction community. The ASPIRE EXPERIENCE offers designers the opportunity to impact change and make a difference to their community. This is a time for transformation.

Attend this dynamic EXPERIENCE and create new relationships and ideas that can be into your work and daily lives throughout the year. Meet, network, and experience the industry’s leading experts all in one place.

Transform your thinking and ideas with demonstrations of cutting-edge solutions and new, innovative methods. EXPERIENCE how you can help change your community and profession with the leading though innovators in the area.

Look beyond the event as you get inspired to make a difference in your community. Engage with visionaries and walk away with solutions and the understanding of the power you hold to create meaningful change.