Bare Root Plant Sale Fundraiser for The Utopian Seed Project

Fri, Mar 15
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sow True Seed

For three days only Sow True Seed will be hosting a bare root plant sale at 243 Haywood St. We’ll have a great range of woodland medicinals, berry bushes and small pollinator trees to help kick start your perennial gardens this year.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Sow True Seed has launched a non-profit foundation called The Utopian Seed Project. The purpose of The Utopian Seed Project is to experiment, educate and celebrate diversity in food and farming in order to improve food security and mitigate climate change through a diverse and regenerative food system.

We’ll be sharing more information about this organization as the year progress, but what you need to know right now is that ALL of the profits from this bare root plant sale will go directly to supporting The Utopian Seed Project.

Be sure to SAVE the DATE and SHARE with FRIENDS, because you don’t want to miss out on this once a year event! RSVP’ing via Eventbrite is optional, but does help us get prepared for the event.

Aronia Berry, Viking [potted] -$6
Beauty Berry, American -$5
Black Cohosh -$4
Blackberry, Apache -$7
Blackberry, Natchez -$7
Bloodroot -$4
Blue Cohosh -$4
Blueberry, Berkeley -$7
Blueberry, Rabbiteye Southern Appalachian Selection -$5
Boysenberry -$5
Boysenberry, -$5
Choke Berry, -$5
Dewberry, -$5
Dogwood, Kousa -$5
Elderberry, -$5
Farkleberry, -$5
Fig, Chicago Hardy [potted] -$6
Goji Berry, Phoenix Tears [potted] -$5
Gooseberry, Jeanne [potted] -$5
Grape, Concord -$5
Honeyberry, Czech 17 & Indigo Treat (Sold in pairs only for pollination) [potted] -$12
Hops, Cascade -$8
Huckleberry -$5
Jewelweed -$4
Kiwi, Cordifolia (female) & 74-32 (male) (Sold in a pair only for pollination) [potted] -$8
Lingon Berry, New Farm & Erntedank (Sold in pairs only for pollination) [potted] -$12
Loganberry -$7
Plum, Chickasaw -$5
Raspberry, Black, Jewel -$5
Raspberry, Gold, Fallgold -$5
Raspberry, Purple, Royalty -$5
Raspberry, Red, Autumn Bliss -$5
Raspberry, Red, Heritage -$5
Sassafras -$5
Serviceberry -$5
Solomon Seal -$4
Sourwood -$5
Strawberries, Everbearing, Seascape – 10 for $7
Strawberries, Junebearing, Honeoye – 10 for $7
Sweet Shrub (aka. Allspice) -$5
Yellowroot -$4