Effective Teacher Training

Fri, May 17
9:00 am - 3:30 pm
1616 Patton Ave

Substitute teaching is an opportunity to work with diverse student populations and have a flexible schedule!

This class is required for those looking to become a substitute teacher in area schools but is also great for others that are interested in teaching youth, as a career or in community organizations.

Learn how to cultivate relationships with school personnel, utilize different instructional strategies, develop lesson and classroom management plans, and more!

Textbook: Substitute Teacher Handbook, 9th edition.

Prerequisite: high school diploma or GED.

Attendance at all class meetings is required.

EDU-3002-332WT – RM 211, Goodwill Ctr., Goodwill $130

For more information contact Carol Faust at 828-398-7924 or
[email protected]

To register visit www.abtech.edu/ce-registration