Home GREEN Home Silent Auction

Tue, May 24, 2022
This event has already occurred.
online w/ GreenWorks

You live in a beautiful place, and you want to keep it that way.

Us too.

So we put together a fun way to help protect our home — now and for the future. 


We’ve reached out to our community, and collected items from some of the most fun, most delicious, most unique local businesses, including:


Eats and treats from some of Asheville’s most popular restaurants

Yoga experiences

Beer tastings and tours

Local art

Outdoor adventures


We’re so excited to WOW you all!


Some of these items and experiences you can’t find anywhere else…and some of them were created especially for you.


And they’re finally ready for bid in our Home GREEN Home Silent Auction.

This is your chance to enjoy some only-in-Asheville treats and unique experiences while supporting GreenWorks’ efforts to improve our local climate resilience.


This year’s silent auction is just one of the ways you can contribute to our Spring Campaign. By shopping our incredible array of uniquely Asheville items and experiences, you’ll be building a greener future for all of us.


All proceeds from the auction will go directly to programs that strengthen our local climate resilience. To protect our homes and health from the effects of extreme weather and a rising tide of plastic pollution, GreenWorks engages with thousands of volunteers like you to complete more than 200 projects each year. Your support will plant trees, protect native pollinators, clean up our rivers and roads, and inspire even more residents to work for a greener tomorrow for ourselves, our families, and our community.


All of us, together, are building our future with the choices we make today.

Will you join us to make Asheville a unique, beautiful, and resilient place to live now and in the future (and have a little fun while you’re at it?)