Race2Reduce: 30-Day Plastic Reduction Challenge

Thu, Apr 28, 2022
This event has already occurred.
online w/ GreenWorks


Once you start seeing all the plastics you use, you can’t unsee it.

You reach for your chips, your tube of toothpaste, or your plastic sandwich bags, and feel guilty that all that packaging will spend the rest of time in the landfill.


Us too.

Plastic is super light, but the average person throws away more than 110 lbs of it each year  – the equivalent of almost 9,100 plastic soda bottles.

It’s too much. And we decided it doesn’t have to be that way.

We just have to get creative.


When we first started tracking our plastic waste, we challenged ourselves:

How little could we use?


Replacing plastic drink bottles with a reusable bottle was simple.

Keeping reusable shopping bags in the car to grab on the way into the store was also easy.


What’s the next level?


Join our Race2Reduce to find out!

Race2Reduce is your pledge to decrease your plastic use for the entire month of May.

Once you sign up HERE we will send you plastic tips, volunteer opportunities, and educational materials featuring local Asheville businesses!


But you won’t do it alone.

You’re joining a whole community of action takers opening their minds and kitchen pantries to plastic alternatives.


Plus there’s a little friendly competition…


How it works: Earn points to win a $75, $50, or $25 gift certificate to Ware, a local sustainability and refill shop in downtown Asheville.

5pts: Like or share a MYPM Instagram or Facebook post

10pts: Post (and tag us) or email us a video/photo of you using one of our plastic tips

15pts: Answer our Friday Trivia question

20pts: Post (and tag us) or email us a video/photo of you using one of our plastic tips

25pts: Lead your own trash clean up with GreenWorks’ supplies

Enter to win by pledging to reduce your plastic here. 

(*Be sure to check the box that asks if you want to be in the running for prizes.) 

Lots of plastics aren’t recyclable, and when we throw them “away,” they only go as far as the Buncombe County landfill off Panther Branch Road in Alexander.


So here’s the thing:

If you want to get in shape, no one else can do your push-ups for you.

If you want to feel awesome, no one else can choose your car dance song for you.

And if you want to protect your home and health from plastic pollution, no one else can choose to consume less plastic for you.


But we CAN do it together.


Over 400 residents participated in the last Mind Your Plastic May plastic reduction challenge – and together we diverted 6,750 lbs of trash from the landfill in just 30 days.

Will you help us break that record this year? Join here.


We’re proud that so many of our fellow Ashevillians are working to end their reliance on plastic! Many thanks to the businesses and restaurants who supported this effort, and are working hard to reduce their own plastic waste. Mind Your Plastic May 2022 is presented for the residents of the City of Asheville in partnership with the City of Asheville. #goingplasticfree.


Questions?  Give us a shout at: [email protected]



P.S. It’s Mind Your Plastic May, which means we’re taking action to reduce plastic all month long!

Check out all our events and activities here: ashevillegreenworks.org/mind-your-plastic-may