Verner Early Education: How to Keep Kids Engaged at Home

Mon, Mar 30
Western North Carolina, NC, USA
Verner Center for Early Learning

Early Education Home-Days:  Socially Distanced But Still Connected

Even during social distancing, families and their early learners benefit from high-quality early education.

Like so many families in our community that are practicing social distancing and are fortunate to have the ability to do so, I am working from home.  As early educators, we know very well the struggles of working from home while having little ones at your side.  Verner staff are working remotely and supporting Verner families that are now practicing “home-days” while center-based care is suspended.

Some observations about home-days:

Early educators speak frequently about the importance of trusting connections and relationships and their importance for the development of children’s social-emotional intelligence and foundations for life-long learning.  This is true for both children and adults! During these days of increased isolation, Verner’s early educators have all been asking what can we do to support families so home-days feel good for everyone and our community remains connected even if we cannot all be together at school right now.

Our staff are making these home-day suggestions available to the community:

We have also created a YouTube site so that our children can share videos that their teachers have recorded of themselves reading stories, going on an exploratory hike, etc.:

Buncombe Partnership for Children has also compiled a great list of supports for families:

Our community is coming together in amazing ways to support families through this transitional period.

We hope to back serving families in center-based care soon!

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