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Artistic Hands by RiverLink

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Riverlink has created a Kickstarter to form a partnership with a local artist to create new handrails (with metal donated by Biltmore Iron & Metal Co.) for the Warehouse Studios.

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RiverLink was born in 1987 of simultaneous efforts to address water quality concerns throughout the French Broad River basin, expand public opportunities for access and recreation, and spearhead the economic revitalization of Asheville’s dilapidated riverfront district. As expressed in our mission statement, we focus on related issues that directly impact the environmental health of our region’s rivers and streams and the growth and sustainability of our economy.

We are also very passionate about the revitalization of Asheville’s River Arts District. It is our home. We’ve been in the bottom floor of Warehouse Studios for a LONG time.  The city of Asheville was gracious enough to give us sidewalks to make pedestrian travel easier in R.A.D. But it’s time to do more.

We’re now in the process of revitalizing the Warehouse Studios. Part of this project includes a mural painted by a local artist. This is being done for free.  To make the building truly awesome, we also need new handrails for the building (both into our offices and for the handicap access for the artist studios on the second floor).

These handrails will be a collaboration between a local Asheville artist, RiverLink as well as the Biltmore Iron & Metal Company who is donating the metal.

That’s where you come in- we are very excited about this project, and we are committed to making sure the artists of the River Arts District are able to make a living from their trade. The money raised in this project will make sure we are able to pay the artist will creates the handrails and help bring our building, and the River Arts District, back to life.

The artist and metal company are already on board with this project.

If for some reason though the artist was to back out from the project, we would have to find another artist who is comfortable working with metal.

If our metal donation was suddenly taken away, we would have to find another company that would be willing to donate the materials. If this was impossible, we would work closely with another local company to get the metal at a reduced cost.