Paris of the South Candles Invites You to “Find Your Flicker”

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Paris of the South Candles, its very name recalling one of Asheville’s earliest monikers, produces locally made, small-batch, hand-poured candles that feature 100% organic soy wax (no synthetic mixtures), some of the highest concentrations of essentials oils (phthalate-free), and 100% cotton, lead-free wicks.

All candles are poured into nine-ounce glass, recyclable jars, with a burn time of 60-65 hours each.

They sound like a perfect match for Asheville, an organic, handmade, artisan product that allows each of us to take home a bit of our Asheville memories with us, regardless of where we call home.


Paris of the South Candles is the creation of owner Anthony Mikolojeski, and Anthony knows Asheville. He also knows Paris. After a long and successful career in some of the highest end hair salons in both the US and Europe, he quietly settled in Asheville more than a decade ago to enjoy all those things we love about Asheville – the unparalleled natural beauty, the serenity, the creative energy, the outstanding food and beer scene, and the near-universal enjoyment of all things local.

So it does not come as a surprise to anyone who knows him that Anthony’s first venture outside of the salon world would bring together so many of Asheville’s favorite things.

Just a quick look at some of his candle names provides a little insight into Anthony’s sense of place, balance – and wit:

French Broad – everyone has a little fun with the name of the river that runs through town, but Anthony reminds us that the French Broad is reported to be one of the three oldest rivers in the world. The outdoorsy scent reminds us of the clean smell of fresh water and an afternoon on the river.

Bless Your Heart – a popular, ever mercurial, Southern phrase meets a popular, maybe quixotic, candle scent. It’s feminine, and leaves you not really knowing exactly what she meant by that. Hmm.

Graveyard Fields – one of the most popular hiking destinations in the area, and with good reason. Another outdoorsy scent with meadow flowers and wild blueberries.

Wood Spirit – wood spirits were popular lore among our native peoples. Reminiscent of forest greens and the spirit that runs through our forests.

Beer City – the name alone makes it a great souvenir from this top-notch craft brew city! It’s an interesting scent when burned – rich and woodsy.

Blue Grass – a tip of the hat to our rich musical heritage. Just like the freshness of our summers, Blue Grass is a treat for the nose.

Aged Bourbon – keeping right in step with our Southern tradition, rich and spicy, seemingly right out of the cask.

Mystery Tour – to celebrate our haunted as well as comical tour options in Asheville, an entertaining scent!

Paris of the South – a clean, fresh scent reminiscent of a fine, French bouquet. Romantic, classically French.

These are just a few of the candles that are available year-round, and seasonal candles keep the line fresh and celebrate special days of the year. Candles are offered at about $25 each.

Paris of the South Candles can be found at the following retail shops:

Asheville Chamber of Commerce Gift Shop
36 Montford Avenue
Asheville, 828-210-2721

As The Chair Turns
200 Brook Forest Lane
Hendersonville, 828-231-5200

Duncan & York Modern Market
33 N Lexington Avenue
Asheville, 828-575-2441

Malaprop’s Bookstore & Café
55 Haywood Street
Asheville, 828-254-6734

Rose’s Garden Shop
211 Charlotte Street
Asheville, 828-252-2100

Sunburst Market
142 N Main Street
Waynesville, 828-452-2848

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