Asheville Independent Restaurant Association Launches AIRfare

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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The Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (AIR) announces the launch of a new way to engage, entice and immerse yourself in the flourishing culinary scene of Asheville.

AIRfare connects loyal local food lovers with AIR chefs and restaurants, local food and beer-centric events and our city’s spirited culinary news.

“We are very excited to bring AIRfare to our community,” said Jane Anderson, AIR Executive Director. “When you think of Asheville, you think of food – we are an independent restaurant community. AIRfare connects the restaurant community with their biggest fan base, our locals, all year round.”

AIRfare lands directly in your email box each month filled with AIR member features, interviews, food trends, cooking tips and an interactive monthly calendar showcasing AIR members food and beverage related events.

“From wine pairing dinners to craft beer release parties, if you are looking for a ‘special’ reason to dine out, AIRfare will collect the many options all in one place, every month,” Anderson said.

Readers will be able to link to special event pages and purchase tickets seamlessly. This will serve as a premier destination for foodies in pursuit of special events in Asheville as well as a chance to link food lovers with their favorite restaurants and chefs.

“There is a personality with each restaurant, it’s a personality that is a big part of why Asheville is Asheville,” Anderson said. “AIRfare will really bring those personalities behind the plate to life.”

Join AIRfare at and start sampling today why AIR is truly food in Asheville. For questions or to submit an AIR event, send an email to [email protected].