Montford Park Players Presents J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan

Monday, August 7, 2017
Montford Park's Peter Pan

Montford Park Players is proud to announce their production of the family classic Peter Pan. All performances will be held at the Hazel Robinson Amphitheatre in the heart of Asheville’s historic Montford District.

Performances are scheduled through September 2nd on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings at 7:30 pm. This performance, like all of Montford Park Players’ shows, will be absolutely FREE to attend.

Full of action, adventure and fun, Peter Pan tells the well-known tale of Peter, the boy who wouldn’t grow up, and his adventures with the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael, in the ever-magical Neverland. There they meet the nefarious Captain Hook, Tinkerbell the fairy, the Lost Boys, pirates, mermaids and other characters you’ve come to know and love. The play has all of the epic battles, flying and magic from all of the versions, from Disney to Spielberg, that have been produced over the 110 years since it was first performed for a live audience.

Director Jason Williams likes the play due to its author’s “childlike imagination,” and says, “In what other play do you get mischievous fairies, flying children, ominous pirates, special effects, swashbuckling swordfights, and a large ticking Crocodile? I am drawn to the play’s sense of adventure and magic.”

Focused on the works of William Shakespeare, Montford Park Players has never mounted a production of Peter Pan, and rarely takes on plays of such complexity and scope. Says Williams, “I hope the audience comes away from the show with a new respect for what theater is capable of. I hope they see it as something special and unique, and that they were excited to be there to witness it.”

Peter Pan has a huge cast of over thirty actors. Many of them are quite young and brand new to the theater world and even more of them taking their first spin on the Amphitheatre stage.

Young Mars Mignon takes on the role of Peter, with Sarah Holt, Brendan Nickerson and Aidan Short taking on Wendy, John and Michael, respectively. You can also catch MPP regulars David Mycoff as Captain Hook and Darren Marshall as his first mate, Smee.

For more information or to reserve seats, go to, or call at (828) 254-5146.