Scary Stories at Earthaven Ecovillage This Saturday

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Deep in the woods, not far from where you sit, on the night of Saturday, Oct. 21st, scary stories will be told at Earthaven Ecovillage.

At 8:00 pm, the children will hear stories just for them — stories that will help children deal with their fear of the dark and growing sense of mortality. At 9:00 pm, children will be forced to leave and scary stories for adults will be told — stories that will help them in their struggle with the growing dread they feel at this time of the year; stories that will strip away the denial of mortality and help them to see the limits of their lives. At 10 p.m., the adults who can’t handle really scary stories will leave and truly terrifying tales will be told — stories that will unhinge the mind and release the soul into the darkness. These terrifying tales will leave listeners sleepless for the long nights to come, unable to find confront the simple fact they will die.

This concert is not being held in the city where the lights will help you to find your way. The stories are being told at the Earthaven Ecovillage, up in the hills near Black Mountain. The road will be long and winding and the wind will be howling in the trees. The hills are empty and the setting is just right for a scary story.

The storyteller is Eric Wolf, who has told scary stories for the past 10 years in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Each year, 4,000 people have come to listen to him tell scary stories. This means that over the past decade he has told scary stories to over 40,000 people. He was the featured scary storyteller on Minnesota Public Radio in its Halloween Special. He received an Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Association for his service to the storytelling community in 2010. He is a licensed clinical social worker and a child therapist who works at Black Mountain Narrative Therapy. But, best of all, he has the power, when you are sitting in the dark listening to the stories, to make a chill go down your spine and make you jump.

This concert will be at the White Owl in Earthaven Ecovillage on Saturday, Oct. 21: 8:00 pm is children-friendly scary stories; 9:00 pm is adult scary stories; 10:00 pm is truly terrifying tales. Each set is 30 to 40 minutes long and there will be an open mic between sets. Tickets are $10. Audience members should bring a blanket and a flashlight. For more information on Eric Wolf go to