East Asheville Project to Provide Sidewalk Connection to Biltmore Village

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Residents of Asheville’s Oakley neighborhood will soon get a new pedestrian connection from their neighborhood to Biltmore Village.

In advance, city staff want to show plans to Oakley residents during an open house to discuss the project.

The discussion begins at 6:30 pm on Thursday, Feb. 22nd, at the Murphy-Oakley Recreation Center, 749 Fairview Road.

How the project came about

When Flournoy Development Co. gained approval for its new 300 plus unit apartment complex on Fairview Road, the developer gave $200,000 to the city for pedestrian improvements. Planning and Transportation staff reviewed the options carefully, coming up with several potential sidewalk plans. Fairview Road leading up from Biltmore Village is a busy car corridor so careful thought went into how to get pedestrians down the hill to Biltmore Village, crossing train tracks along the way too.

Planning for sidewalks is a multi-faceted job, as driveways, ADA ramps, crosswalks and other factors come into consideration, along with the sidewalk itself. After months of careful evaluation, City staff came up with a plan that promotes safe walkability down Fairview Road to Brook Street in Biltmore Village.

Come learn about this new pedestrian connection for Oakley residents during the Feb. 22nd open house. There will be maps to review and City staff will be on hand to answer your questions.