Personal Histories: Share the Shame

Warning: Information you find on this page may be outdated or incorrect.

You may have heard about Mortified on NPR or been to an event that invites you to dish your most humbling anecdotes. If you think it’s a good idea to trace your embarrassment back to when, even the slightest misunderstanding would cause you to blush, then you have found the right place!

Good or bad, uncomfortable or not, The Kava Bar at 268 Biltmore Ave will accept them all on Monday, April 15.

Think about your worst date and the most awkward first day of school. Excavate the stories that leave you the most unsettled (or nostalgic for that matter!). Recall the sentimental and most perverse tales from your youth and look back on the days when your emotions and ideas could be written down for ‘your eyes only’ and (maybe) your snoopy little brother to see. NOTE: We will be offering note cards you can write your story on to be anonymously submitted if you are bashful.


Sign up begins at 7:30 pm, and the stories will begin at 8:00pm

Here are some tips for people who want to perform. First, sift through the artifacts and select an assortment of entries from your unrevealed mementos. If it makes you cringe then its golden! Also acceptable is your ancient artwork, poems, and songs. Show and tell that school photo or glamour shot you never wanted anyone to see! The adolescent perspective can be very fascinating and we want to know your stripling and most soul-stirring prose. If you documented a moment or decision that completely changed your life, SHARE IT! Nothing is considered taboo. But be real, be honest, and maybe laugh at yourself a bit; we may end up laughing along with you.

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