Asheville Regional Airport Adds FuelRod Power-on-the-Go Mobile Charging Service

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Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) has added three automated SwapBox kiosks at select locations within the airport for the mobile charging of smartphones and tablets.

Now, travelers at AVL can simply purchase a FuelRod mobile charging kit from the kiosk, charge up their Apple® or Android™ devices with the fully charged FuelRod and not have to worry about keeping their devices charged-on-the-go.

The FuelRod service is a unique service that frees up travelers to enjoy airport dining and shopping and not have to waste time looking for recharging stations or electrical outlets. Once the FuelRod battery is drained, users can easily swap the used FuelRod for a fully charged battery for a modest fee at any SwapBox kiosk anywhere within the global network – including airports, theme parks, attractions, convention centers and more. Alternatively, users can recharge the FuelRod with the provided USB cables.


“As AVL continues to grow, we are pleased to find more passenger amenities to make the travel experience the best it can be,” said Lew Bleiweis, Executive Director of the Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority. “Keeping a full charge on a phone tops the list for many travelers, so we are excited to welcome FuelRod to the airport.”

“We’re pleased to add Asheville Regional Airport to our quickly expanding airport portfolio,” said Joe Yeagley, founder of Tricopian, Inc. “The response from customers at Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte-Douglas airports has been extremely positive, and we’re excited to increase our footprint in North Carolina.”

With the expanding locations of the SwapBox kiosks that allow for the quick exchange of the lightweight charger, FuelRod enables users to stay mobile while they charge their phones and help the environment by keeping batteries out of landfills.

The FuelRod Kits will substantially charge a standard iPhone or Android phone. Once the FuelRod is used or depleted, users can easily recharge the FuelRod via any USB source with the provided connectors or swap it at any FuelRod Kiosk for a fresh – fully charged FuelRod.

FuelRod SwapBox kiosks are at a rapidly growing number of locations in the U.S. and Europe. Also, FuelRod chargers can be purchased online at Visit the Asheville Regional Airport website for additional information.