South Asheville Starbucks to Accept Supplies for Orphaned Kittens Throughout February

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The Starbucks at 1378 Hendersonville Road in Asheville is accepting donations of kitten supplies throughout the month of February.

Wet and dry kitten food, kitten formula, unscented non-clumping litter, unscented alcohol-free baby wipes, cozy cat beds, and fleece blankets are great choices for donating! The donations will benefit Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance, a new local nonprofit dedicated to providing care and rescue to orphaned newborn kittens.

According to Andee Bingham, Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance’s Executive Director, it costs the Kitten Alliance approximately $150 to raise a kitten from birth to weaning. “Unlike other rescue organizations in our area though, the Kitten Alliance isn’t an adoption agency,” Bingham explains. “Our mission is centered around kittens who are 0-6 weeks old. In order to keep our resources available for the youngest kittens who need us, we transfer kittens to partnered organizations once they’re weaned and litter box trained at 6 weeks old. While this is the most effective way for us to save lives, it means we don’t recoup any of our expenses through adoption fees.”


“We’re always so thankful when the community donates the supplies we use every day,” Bingham says. “When our kittens have all of the formula, food, and litter they need, we’re able to direct our financial resources to medical care, community education, and providing training and resources to rescue organizations in rural communities.”

Starbucks store manager Kyrsta Frazier says she’s happy to be able to support organizations who are doing great things in the Asheville area. “We’re so excited to see what we can do to support the important work they’re doing for newborn kittens in our community.”

In 2020, Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance anticipates rescuing more than 200 orphaned newborn kittens and training more than 600 fosters, animal rescue professionals, and community members.

In addition to delivering supplies to Starbucks during the month of February, the community is encouraged to support Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance by visiting to make a monetary or supply donation, learn about upcoming free trainings, or sign up to be a foster parent.