50,000 Meals Served to Area Students

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Another marathon day of meal provision recently took place throughout Buncombe County thanks to the tireless efforts of nutrition professionals, staff, and volunteers at Buncombe County Schools.

As of March 20, they have served more than 50,000 meals to area students who needed them during this historic closure for students experienced across the state and nation.

At Weaverville Elementary, staff from all North Buncombe district schools, the YMCA, and Manna Food Bank came together to meet the need. Bagged meals covered the tables of the school’s lunchroom as workers prepared them in the kitchen and then carted them outside to serve through open car windows. With the weekend approaching, care was taken to ensure students received additional meals, including lunches for Saturday and Sunday, and breakfasts for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.


“We wanted to reach as many children with meals as we could, so they wouldn’t be hungry over the weekend,” said Melissa Metcalf, School Nutrition Manager at Weaverville Primary. “We’re here for the kids and their families.”

Throughout the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, BCS will maintain the Response.BuncombeSchools.org website for the latest up-to-date information about meal locations, Virtual Days online classes, coronavirus prevention, and other resources.

“[We] care about our community, our students, and our families,” said Weaverville Elementary principal Heidi Allison. “Providing supplies and food is something we can do to help.”

Visit Response.BuncombeSchools.org for additional information.