Asheville Residents Invited to Take Survey About City Government

Downtown Asheville lit up at dusk.
Michael Tracey/Flickr Public Domain

How is the City of Asheville helping its residents? The city is working with the Polco/National Citizen Survey company to find out.

The National Citizen Survey captures residents’ opinions on governance and participation, also drilling down to specific issues such as the built environment, community engagement, recreation and wellness, the economy, safety and mobility.

Some residents were randomly selected to participate in the scientifically significant survey in December and were notified by mail. If you were notified by mail, please do not complete the online survey as well.


The survey is now open to all residents at the following links:




The survey will be open through Jan. 21. The survey will take about 17 minutes to complete.

When this survey closes, results will be presented online in interactive charts and tables. Asheville’s last citizen survey was conducted in 2018. You can find the results here as well as results from 2015 and 2008.

What will the City do with the results? National Citizen Survey will compare and analyze the 2021 results with the 2018 results and provide the metrics comparison. As the city enters budget planning season for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the results will help guide the City’s operational planning and help to determine project prioritization and resource allocation.