The Blood Connection to Offer COVID-19 Antibody Testing for All Blood Donors as Virus Cases Spike

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The Blood Connection (TBC), a non-profit community blood center, is now offering COVID-19 antibody screening to all blood donors.

The antibody screening will test each donor’s blood to see if it contains antibodies from the COVID-19 vaccine and/or antibodies from exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  TBC will be offering this testing for all donations for a limited time. 

Donors with a positive antibody test result may be eligible to donate convalescent plasma. As local hospitals continue to see a surge in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant, the demand for convalescent plasma (CCP) has increased.  Antibody testing is one way to determine which donors may be eligible to give CCP.  To learn more about donating convalescent plasma, please visit


The blood product, known as convalescent plasma, has antibodies that can help those critically ill with COVID-19. Research has shown that convalescent plasma has drastically helped many COVID-19 patients battling the virus by lessening the severity and potentially shortening the length of the illness. 

TBC relies on community blood donors to provide for its local hospitals. As a community blood center, it is essential to maintain an adequate inventory of all blood products, at all times.

Donors can make an appointment at a local TBC donation center or find a mobile drive nearby at  TBC encourages businesses and organizations to host a blood drive.  To learn how you can help, please visit

The Blood Connection has been committed to saving lives since 1962. Founded in Greenville, South Carolina, TBC is an independently managed, not-for-profit, community blood center that provides blood products to more than 80 hospitals within Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.