The Coalition for a Bird-friendly Asheville Works to Make WNC a Safer Place for the Region’s Avian Residents

A bird in a tree eating a serviceberry.

It’s estimated that up to half a billion birds die each year in North America alone from window collisions. Lights-Out programs and bird-friendly building material commitments provide an opportunity to reduce the number of birds killed by human-made structures.

Successful programs exist in a number of major cities, including New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem, NC.

The Coalition for a Bird-friendly Asheville’s team is a combination of UNCA students, Blue Ridge Audubon Chapter (BRAC) board members, and NC Audubon. Together they advocate for the protection of birds through the implementation of measures that will support their safety, namely, bird-safe window treatments and a lights-out commitment during migration months.


Through uniting community members and businesses, and by working with Asheville City Council, the organization will help make Asheville a safer place for its avian residents and visitors!

They are asking for your support. they envision a city where:

  • Extraneous city lights are turned off during the months of migration, and problem windows are addressed
  • Home and business owners will reduce their energy usage and cost. (An example in Washington DC, the reduction in electric use for one building was 15% and another was reduced by 22%)
  • Passersby will not be confronted with dead birds in their yards, sidewalks, and business-fronts Asheville migratory birds will have a safe passage to and from their breeding grounds in Latin America to help support growth in a dwindling population
  • We join the network of cities advocating for birds

What can you do?

  • Visit the organization’s website at
  • Email [email protected]
  • Follow on Facebook @birdsafeavl
  • Report data and any feedback from your observations to
  • Download the “Collision ToolKits” and start the dialogue in your neighborhood
  • View information on bird-safe glass methods and apply them. They are easy, inexpensive, and a great family or business experience.
  • Send letters to elected officials (sample letters available on

Together, let’s make Asheville an exemplar community leading the way towards a bird-friendly urban environment. The birds will thank you!

Prepared by The Coalition for a Bird-friendly Asheville.