Asheville City Council Accepts Money Donated for Bus Shelter by Two Civic Organizations

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Civic partners have stepped up to provide funding for a new bus shelter. A total of $5,000 in contributions were accepted in a budget amendment by Asheville City Council during their October 12 meeting.

The Transportation Department has been working with these community organizations to provide donations to install standard bus shelters along Asheville Rides Transit bus routes.

The Oasis Recovery Center and Asheville Recovery Center will provide $5,000 to install a bus shelter located at Merrimon Avenue and Deerwood Drive, just south of Edgewood Road outside of CVS, serving the N1 and N2 transit lines. Within the ART Transit System, the stop location is referred to by the following names and numbers: Stop #240: Merrimon Avenue at Edgewood Road.


The city welcomed the community partnership, and acknowledged the need for a shelter at this location, where a shelter once existed but was damaged.

The City of Asheville will work with a contractor to install the new bus shelter.

The city would like to thank the Oasis Recovery Center and the Asheville Recovery Center for this donation to improve transit facilities for ART riders.

Find a copy of the staff report to Asheville City Council, please visit this link.

Prepared by the City of Asheville.