Local Moonshine History Film Wins Best Documentary

David Weintraub

The Center for Cultural Preservation is proud to announce that its moonshine history film, The Spirits Still Move Them, produced and directed by David Weintraub, recently won Best Documentary in the Reedy Reels Film Festival in Greenville, South Carolina.

“Unlike past moonshine films, Spirits dispels the notion that all moonshiners were violent, lazy, drunk criminals hiding in the woods wearing long beards and longer arrest records. Instead, it took an incredible level of creativity, intelligence, wit and tenacity to live in these mountains before WalMarts and smartphones. People needed to know how to build things and make a living connected to the land. That’s what the festival judges and thousands of audience members have appreciated since the film came out,” commented director David Weintraub.

This film was made possible by Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership, the Community Foundation of Henderson County and North Carolina Humanities.


The Center for Cultural Preservation is a cultural nonprofit organization dedicated to working for mountain heritage continuity through oral history, documentary film, education and public programs.

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