Ikebana International Asheville to Host Ikebana Demonstration on Sept. 27th

Ikebana International of Asheville is hosting an ikebana demonstration at the Folk Art Center, 382 Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC, on September 27, 2022, at 10:30 am.

This program will focus on the contemporary Shoka style from the Ikenobo School. Ikebana, translated from Japanese as “living flowers,” is flower arrangements known worldwide for its grace and beauty.

This program is on the Shoka Shimputai, a contemporary Shoka style from the Ikenobo School. The presentation will be conducted by Dede Walton and Candy Gallaher, both of the Ikenobo School. Dede Walton is also an ikebana instructor at the Blue Ridge Community College Continuing Education.


The presenters will demonstrate both the fun and challenges of selecting the appropriate plant materials and arranging them so that their beauty is enhanced. They will emphasize the importance of selecting three or less plant materials and combining them in a manner that strengthens each material and creates a dynamic arrangement highlighting color, shape, texture, extension of leaves, and movement of stems. Harmony is created through variation and contrast.

For more than 550 years Ikenobo School has established its stature as the “Origin of Ikebana.” The school emphasizes its traditions of training their artists and having their students acquire knowledge of techniques for various styles, both traditional and modern. Japanese history and philosophical views of nature and plants living in harmony are reflected and incorporated into the arrangements.

Guests who are interested in learning more about ikebana can join organizers at the Folk Art Center Auditorium. Please contact Jane S. Irwin at 202-285-2599 or [email protected].

Organizers ask that everyone planning to attend to please wear a mask.