Consider Paper Bags or Reusable Containers for Leaf Season This Year

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Fall has officially come to the mountains and after a glorious season of color, the leaves will soon start to fall.

To Asheville residents using paper bags or reusable plastic containers for their fall leaves these past few years, the city says thank you and keep up the good work!

The city would encourage everyone else to follow this example.


Paper bags cost about the same as plastic ones. They’re compostable and more eco-friendly. Below is a guide on how to use them effectively, with as little hassle as possible to you, our residents.

Thank you for using environmentally friendly containers!

Question: Why use paper bags for leaf collection?

The City of Asheville began encouraging the use of brown paper bags for leaf collection after a local vendor confirmed for the City that they are compostable, and therefore using them is a more environmentally sustainable practice.

Collecting leaves in paper bags is also a big time saver for Sanitation staff. This helps the Sanitation Department save money and provide more efficient service for our taxpayers.

An estimated 7,500 tons of brush and leaves are collected annually within the city limits. The use of biodegradable materials is a better waste management practice.

Numerous cities across the U.S. require paper bags for collection. So far, the City of Asheville is encouraging (not requiring) their use.

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Prepared by the City of Asheville.