Sunny Point Café Garden Manager Alice Oglesby Practices Spade to Spoon

A garden.
Alice Oglesby

The following article originally appeared in the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association Newsletter.

Nearly 20 years ago, from her office above Sunny Point Café, Alice Oglesby could see a garden taking shape below. The property April Moon Harper and her mother, Belinda Raab, bought at the corner of Haywood Road and State Street in West Asheville included a two-story building — which became the restaurant they opened in 2003 — a rental home, and an overgrown vacant lot.

Oglesby came into the picture about a year later, contracted to do their design and marketing work and renting office space for her business on the second floor. From her bird’s-eye view, she observed them building raised beds in the lot near the restaurant.


Gardening is deeply embedded in Oglesby’s DNA. Raised in rural Vermont in a log cabin her parents built themselves, everyone she knew had a garden. “It was just that New England practicality,” she explains. “We had a big garden, all our neighbors had a big garden. I grew up working in the garden.”

Thinking she needed a legitimate career, she went to the University of Vermont to study engineering and worked summers on a large farm that grew for wholesale customers and a busy pick-your-own business. “I learned to grow for aesthetics and volume, how to care for and grow things we didn’t at home.”

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