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Annual Old-Timey Apple Trees Sale Set for Saturday

Every spring, ECO sells old-timey, disease-resistant apple trees. These one-year-old grafts in 2 gallon containers are hardy and healthy, and will bring back the flavor of yesteryear to your table and your family's health. Varieties available vary each year.

There are limited quantities of each variety, so order as early as possible. Pre-ordered trees must be picked up on Saturday February 24, from 10a.m. to noon at the Visitor's Center, 201 S. Main Street in downtown Hendersonville. Any pre-ordered trees not picked up by noon will be sold to shoppers after noon along with the remaining apple trees for sale. These trees are semi-dwarf or dwarf, already 4-5 ft. tall, and are ready for planting. They are $29 each. The following are available at this year's sale:

  • Arkansas Black (1870) (Disease resistant) Medium to large with dark red to black color. Flesh is yellow and firm. Stores well. Ripens Oct.
  • Enterprise (Disease resistant) This deep red medium to large apple has a spicy, tart flavor. Ripens mid-Oct.
  • Freedom (Disease resistant; pollinator) Medium to large with a bright red blush on yellow background. Ripens mid-late Sept.
  • Grimes Golden (pollinator) Old-time favorite. Medium size, fruit is golden with russetting. Crisp, juicy. Ripens mid-Oct.
  • Horse (NC, 1700s) An old-time favorite. Large, yellow; good for eating, pies and cooking. Ripens in Aug.
  • Limbertwig (1700s) Popular old-fashioned variety. Greenish-yellow with red blush. Good keeper. Good for eating, pies, jellies, apple butter, cider. Ripens in Oct.
  • Lyman's Large (antique) Pale green summer fruit known best for baking and canning. Ripens early Aug.
  • Pristine (disease resistant) Smooth glossy yellow skin holds sweet smooth flesh. Ripens mid-late July.
  • Shockley (N. Ga 1854) Yellow with brownish-red and streaked with pink. Crisp, sweet, rich flesh. Pies and preserves. Ripens late Oct.
  • Sweet Winesap (antique) Medium -size light red fruit; white, juicy, fine-grained. Ripens Oct.
  • Tolman Sweet (1822) Very hardy late bloomer. Yellow skin. Ripens Nov.
  • Williams Pride (disease resistant) Great flavor. Large, red-striped. Keeps well. Ripens early Aug.
  • Yates (1840s) (pollinator) Small, juicy, red with white flesh. Easy to grow; a favorite with wildlife. Ripens Oct.
A record 183 trees were sold in February 2006 as a fundraiser for ECO and to restore old-timey apple varieties as our cultural heritage in WNC.

Visit this web site in January 2008 to see the unique varieties offered next year and to order early. Coordinated by landscape architect Bruce Lowe.

This Heritage Apple Restoration project was initiated in 1996 to restore old-timey apple trees to Western North Carolina. For more information, visit

(Image provided by ECO.)

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