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Kassie Miller Brings her Music to WNC on September 17, Check Out the Exclusive Interview!

Up and Coming Country Music Star Kassie Miller will be bringing her unique country music style to Flat Rock on September 17. Growing up listening to so many styles of music, including R&B, country and rock, it's no surprise that Kassie Miller combines her pop-country style with a little blues and soul. Kassie's raspy voice, reminiscent of Tanya Tucker, combined with her lively southern-country personality on stage create an artist that will infect your soul, leaving you wanting more. Inspired by such artists as George Strait and Garth Brooks, she not only will please the ears, she will dazzle you with her sweetness and stun you with her passion. was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Kassie to discuss some of the finer points in life.

( Hi Kassie, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Let’s start simple, where do you come from?

(Kassie Miller) Well, the short answer is Alabama.

( Okay, so being from Alabama, tell me what musical influences played a role in the development of your style?

(Kassie Miller) I’d have to say Al Green, Lionel Richie, Garth Brooks (I love his energy), Tanya Tucker and I gotta throw Dolly Parton in there.

( Nice, how about we get a little more specific, give me your top 2 favorite songs of all time.

(Kassie Miller) Oh wow, ya know… someone just asked me this last week. This is a hard one, but since you put me on the spot, I’ll have to go with Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” and Al Green’s “Let's Stay Together.”

( Very cool, now let’s get local. What brings you to fabulous WNC?

(Kassie Miller) Honestly, I have never been. Truthfully I am just trying to play my music for anyone who will listen, but I am really looking forward to coming.

( Fair enough, I would say while you are in the area you should really take a little time to check out our very rich and diverse local music scene. You can find original music on almost every corner.

(Kassie Miller) That sounds so cool! I’ll see what I can do.

( I read a couple of articles done on you in the past, and I pieced together the fact that there are a couple of men in your life that have made a real impact… care to elaborate on them.

(Kassie Miller) Well the first major influence I had to jumpstart my dream was my father. We shared a very common bond through music. I never took it too serious, but after he died, I decided I was going to move Nashville and pursue the dream for both of us.

The other would be my husband Ben. He pretty much does everything. He produced my album, he designed my website, he even plays acoustic and sings backup at many of my shows. I just feel that we are so lucky to be in this situation where we can spend so much time together, most couples have to spend so much time apart in separate aspects of their lives, but we get to be involved with pretty much everything together.

( So once upon a time, you were offered a major contract by a major music label, and you decided to turn it down. What’s up with that?

(Kassie Miller) Well, I got a call, and I was so excited because I thought this label was interested in my music and my unique style, but it turns out that wasn’t the case. They really just wanted to change me into something that they thought would make more money. So I felt like if they didn’t like me for who I was, then this just wasn’t for me. So I said no thank you.

( I know a lot of young artists get the same option. To change what they are in hopes of making money. What would you say to them?

(Kassie Miller) I would say, don’t compromise who you are and hopefully the world will like it. The only way you can accomplish a dream is if you get out there and go for it. That is all you really can do.

( Okay, this one is just for me. I see that you are a Michael Jackson fan. I am a huge Jackson fan, so please tell me what’s your favorite MJ jam?

(Kassie Miller) Ha! I gotta go with “Beat it.” One of my fondest memories ever is singing it with my brother as children.

( Agreed! Well, I really appreciate you taking a little time to let us pick your brain, and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

(Kassie Miller) You’re welcome and thank you. You better come to my show.

( I’ll be there!

For more information on Kassie Miller, visit her official website at

For more information on her upcoming show at the Flat Rock Wine Shoppe, please visit

(Images provided by Kassie Miller, Interview by Larry Halstead.)

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