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Prichard Park Grand Opening Celebration Draws Large Audience and City Dignitaries.

Mayor Lini Sitnick and city council members (seen in picture on right) unveiled Asheville's newly renovated Pritchard Park on Friday, July 6, 2001, before a large audience who came to see the new park and enjoy the free refreshments provided by Asheville Parks and Recreation. The weather for the event could not have been better, with sunny skies, temperatures in the low eighties and mild breezes.

The crowd gave a big cheer and round of applause as Mayor Sitnick, Parks and Recreation officials and city council members officially opened the park to the public. The City of Asheville provided some delicious desserts and drinks for the event, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the new park, the wonderful weather and free refreshments.

The newly designed park features rock gardens composed of large native boulders, a large performance area covered with brick pavers, the original large deciduous trees surrounding the park, numerous Charleston-style benches, brass water fountains and a location in the heart of Asheville "to die for." The newly renovated Pritchard Park seems to provide a crowning jewel to the heart of Asheville. The stepped levels of the park, trees and benches just seem to invite a visitor to take a break and enjoy one of the simple pleasures of life....downtown Asheville.

For more information about Pritchard Park, or any other services of the Asheville Parks and Recreation Department, call 259-5800, or visit www.ci.asheville.nc.us/parks/main.htm.

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