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US Manufacturing, Defying Naysayers

The Wall Street Journal has recently featured Greenville and Spartanburg for the area's emerging manufacturing growth. This feature comes just after the recent Michelin announcement of its new global factory set to be built in South Carolina. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Anyone still thinking that the US has lost its manufacturing chops hasn't been to the Greenville/Spartanburg corridor in South Carolina. Anyone still thinking the U.S. has lost its manufacturing chops hasn't been to this part of the country. Yes, South Carolina still has a high unemployment rate. And new factories are automated and don't employ as many workers as old ones did.

But for a hopeful look into America's future, just visit the Greenville/Spartanburg corridor, a good example of the type of manufacturing "hub" powering growth throughout the U.S.

Drive by the big BMW auto plant, the General Electric gas-turbine factory, Michelin's North American headquarters, and the scores of suppliers, chemical companies, and fabricators sprinkled along Interstate 85. Observe the close coordination between these companies and the local colleges that, for years, have supplied the engineers and machinists who run the factories.

In March the ISM manufacturing index indicated expansion for the 32nd month nationally, and it shows here. The Greenville Area Development Corp. is working with 30 companies that are interested in moving into or expanding in the area. That number is roughly back to pre-economic crisis levels.

Continue reading the article here on the Wallstreet Joural's website.

(Image provided by Area Development.)

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