When making a buying decision, the more informed you are, the better your decision. This is especially true of telephone equipment, because more than hardware, it is an important business tool that can help you grow your business. Unfortunately,. it is very difficult to learn a great deal about a company and its product line in a one-hour sales presentation.
With this proposal, we want to make you aware of all the services and expertise that TSA can offer your organization. We want you to understand and be comfortable with our pricing policies, service policies and guarantees. We believe that we do things a little differently than our competitors, and we want you to know about them.
Listed below are the unique product and service offerings provided by TSA. Since no one else comes close to our list of guarantees, we call it the TSA ADVANTAGE:
Service Response Guarantee- For TSA systems under Warranty or our Blanket Maintenance Agreement, we guarantee to be on site within two hours in emergencies or 24 hours for routine service after receiving your call (plus travel time from Asheville for out-of-town customers). If we ever fail to arrive on time, we will extend your contract an extra month at no charge and give you a $100.00 credit on your account.

Wrong Diagnosis Guarantee- For those TSA systems under Warranty or our Blanket Maintenance Agreement, we guarantee that if we misdiagnose a problem that results in a charge from the Phone Company, long-distance carrier, alarm company, etc., we will pay those charges for you.

Trade-in Guarantee- If you outgrow your TSA system or need additional features, we guarantee you a trade-in credit for all cards and cabinetry (the most expensive part of your system) toward a larger system. This policy allows our customers to buy only the equipment needed today without the rear of a major expense later should the business grow. TSA will issue a credit of 90% of the original component cost, less labor and hardware, toward an upgrade on systems less than a year old. The 90% credit decreases 15% per year for older systems. Systems must be under Warranty or our Blanket Maintenance Agreement to qualify for this guarantee.

Spare Parts Guarantee- TSA guarantees that we will fully support and guarantee a supply of parts for our Blanket Maintenance Agreement customers for a minimum of 10 years from the system purchase date. Also, we will not cancel a maintenance contract for any reason other than non-payment.

Lightning Protection Guarantee- TSA guarantees "no-cost" repairs to your telephone system if it has been damaged by lightning as long as it is covered by our optional Lightning Protection Plan, which is explained further in this proposal under TSA Service Plans.


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