The Formula for Simpler Communications

The SX-200 LIGHT is an advanced microprocessor-controlled telephone system, designed to meet the needs of demanding users. The system is divided into a control node, linked by fiber optic cable to its peripheral nodes (configurations of up to seven peripheral nodes). Using inexpensive and easy-to-install fiber, the peripheral nodes can be placed closer to the peripheral devices supported.


The SX-200 LIGHT (with LIGHTWARE software) comes with an impressive selection of general business applications, and depending on final configuration, can be easily adapted for specialized applications or industry.

Applications (LIGHTWARE Software) Features and Benefits:

Lodging Improve property management capabilities and guest services through PMS interface, Hotel/Motel Front Desk package.
Automatic Route Selection Reduce long distance cost; NANP-ready
Voice Mail Improve customer service, staff productivity
Automated Attendant Handles calls without operators, increasing customer service and staff productivity
Networking Increased networking/communications capabilities through ISDN access
Data Connectivity 19.2 Kbps synchronous and asynchronous transmission
ACD Telemarketer
Comprehensive inbound services with priority answering, predictive overflow control
Call Identification With ANI and DNIS Services, Identify important customers
T-1 Interface Long distance savings

The SX-200 LIGHT - Benefits at a Glance


Ideal communications platform for small and medium-sized businesses up to 500 extensions


State-of-the-art fiber distributed architecture


Cost savings through reduced equipment room requirements and less expensive fiber optic system wiring


ISDN access


Improved customer service through call identification and messaging capabilities

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