Blanket Maintenance Agreement

TSA's Blanket Maintenance Agreement covers virtually everything involving your telephone system except abuse and Acts of God. Included in our plan are important areas often excluded from coverage by our competitors. In addition to services designed to keep vour equipment working, TSA's Blanket Maintenance Agreement includes the following extra services at no additional charge:

1) Service Response Guarantee (See the TSA ADVANTAGE)

2) Wrong Diagnosis Guarantee (See the TSA ADVANTAGE)

3) Wiring and cabling problems

4) No-trouble-found calls

5) Checking and reporting of telephone company and long-distance carrier problems

6) Two hours of "Refresher" training per year

7) Additional user guides and labels

8) Replacement of defective base cords and handset cords

9) Four hours of remote programming per year

Our Blanket Maintenance Agreement enables you to budget your annual telephone maintenance, so you will not have large repair bills coming in at a time when you can least afford them. Contracts over $1,000.00 per year can even be billed monthly.

A new system customer is offered a 25% discount on a Blanket Maintenance Contract if it is purchased at the time of system purchase. To avoid any lapse in coverage, this contract will take effect at the end of the warranty period. Rates can be locked in, when paid in advance, for up to five years; otherwise, annual increases should not exceed 15%. Specific Blanket Maintenance Agreement pricing for this quote can be found on the Financial Proposal.

Lightning Protection Plan (optional)

Lightning can be a serious problem, resulting in expensive repairs to a business telephone system. Most of our customers carry insurance that typically covers damage caused by a lightning strike. If not, or if you are concerned about the possibility of lightning damaging your telephone equipment and being stuck with a large insurance deductible, TSA has a service plan which guarantees repair and/or replacement of any components damaged in such a storm. There are no deductibles and no additional charges for labor or trip charges. Customers interested in having this coverage on their new system must purchase it prior to system installation. The cost of this plan is $12.00 per port per year. Please ask your Account Representative about more details on TSA's Lightning Protection Plan.

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