is the most heavily trafficked community guide site in Western North Carolina. To help you reach the thousands of people who view every week, we’ve created two basic sponsorship categories: business listings and banner advertisements.

Asheville Roadway in Mountains

Business Listings

The only internet presence most businesses need. All listings include a text listing under a heading of your choice followed by a 50-word description of your business.

Listing Rates

Business directory**, shopping index page***, & Community Directory listings, Museums & Galleries – $30/month

Restaurant***, New Comers pages – $35/month

Religion/Spirituality, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, etc. Address and phone number listed free. Religious organizations may add a link only for $15, and 50-word description plus link for $30.

Visitor Center (lodging, activities, attractions, entertainment, spas, & real estate) listings – $50/month

** A listing on the shopping page also includes a listing on a “specific” shopping page listing (crafts, groceries, apparel, flowers, etc.)

***Restaurant listing includes listing and link on restaurant page and two additional cuisine pages of your choice. Addtional cuisine pages are $10.00 per page.

Banner Advertisements

An excellent way to promote your business name, special events, and sales. Banner ads link directly to the sponsor’s site or bridge page. Banners rates are based on a standard size of 150 x 86 pixels.

Banner Rates:

  • Home Page banners $575-month
  • Business Directory pages $75-125/month
  • Visitor Center, Real Estate, and Movie page $195-250/month
  • Restaurant, Green Living, and Great Outdoors page $150-250/month
  • Calendar of Events, Newcomers, News $125-200/month
  • All other pages $75-125/month


Businesses that sign a banner contract receive a FREE business listing in the category of their choice.

Feel free to call us at 828-253-2880 if you have any questions.

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