Waggers Dog Depot

Waggers Dog Depot is the newest “Fun” place for dogs in Asheville. We offer a delicious variety of home made treats & chews, dog clothing, collars, leashes, tags & Pet Photography. We also provide the very best Grooming Salon for dogs and cats with our gentle, experienced groomers utilizing the latest tools & equipment. We do not cage pets while they are in our facility, thus reducing their stress level. A Self Serve Wash is available for the do it yourselfer. Come by and see what the excitement is all about and join our long list of satisfied customers. Of course dogs are always welcome and will receive a treat.

Whole Foods Downtown (Greenlife Grocery)

Greenlife is a full service natural foods store dedicated to bringing you and your family the freshest and healthiest foods and products available. For a great gift for that special person in your life, consider a gift certificate from Greenlife Grocery. An upscale one-stop supermarket that stocks only organic and naturally grown food products along with a broad selection of wines and beers. This upscale supermarket features an expansive deli serving foods prepared by a half dozen highly skilled chefs. No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives.

Pet Harmony, The Pet Store for Rescued Pets

Pet Harmony is Animal Compassion Network’s version of what a pet store should be: a fun, happy place to meet animals available for adoption. No puppy-mill cats and dogs offered for sale here! Pet Harmony is the antithesis of a traditional pet store. ACN’s rescued cats and dogs are healthy, spayed or neutered, de-wormed, tested for disease, vaccinated, and micro-chipped. Each comes with a free post-adoption vet exam and a free month of pet insurance. And, of course, each animal adopted from ACN’s pet store will be another life saved, not a product sold for profit without concern for how many unwanted animals are dying in shelters everyday for lack of homes.