From Lawn to Garden

Sat, Mar 25, 2023
2:00 pm
This event has already occurred.
West Asheville
West Asheville, Asheville, NC 28806, USA
Organic Growers School

Set your growing dreams in motion this Spring with this four-part Gardening Series led by Laura Ruby and supported by Reems Creek Nursery! In our region, with most warmth-loving plants ready to go outside in mid-May, March is the right time to begin planning your garden, starting your seeds, and prepping your growing area. Discover when to seed and transplant, which vegetables and perennials to plant, site location based on natural water and sun flows in your space, and simple techniques for keeping your garden healthy as the season progresses.

From Lawn to Garden

We will meet in the garden for our third class together. This workshop will be very hands-on, including direct seeding and converting a lawn into a garden. You will get to see established gardens and learn how each was created, planted, amended, etc. You will also see how fruit production can be integrated with growing flowers and veggies.

*Note: This class will be taking place in a mulched garden and is less wheelchair accessible than the Reems Creek Nursery location. Please contact [email protected] for more accessibility information. 

Meet your Instructor!

Laura was born with a strong, inborn love of plants and animals. But it wasn’t until she earned her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2002 from Crystal Waters EcoVillage in Australia that she understood how to work with them sustainably through whole systems design. In 2013, she moved to Western North Carolina and immediately started working with other landscapers and nurseries in the Asheville area. Through volunteering with The Fruit and Nut Club, she took a position with The Roots Foundation as their Director of Curriculum from 2015-2018. Through the foundation, she worked with teachers in Asheville City Schools developing multi-disciplinary, real world, project based learning lessons for grades K-7. She also co-designed many of the outdoor learning classrooms at the Lucy Herring Elementary School of Ecology.

Laura is a Certified Permaculture Teacher, and co-facilitates the Wild Abundance Permaculture Design Course along with Natalie Bogwalker. She also co-owns a 56-acre Permaculture education center and event space, The Ruby Roost, with her sister and mother.

With this experience, YummyYards was started to support those that want to create and expand their aesthetic and edible gardens. We believe these two types of gardens do not need to be separate. Instead, they can ebb and flow to create a more resilient, productive, and beautiful outdoor living space.