Lunch & Learn: Neurohacking & The Pattern of Success

Tue, Apr 16
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
The Collider


Come learn and experience ways to balance the hemispheres of the brain, change brain chemistry, optimize brain function, amplify creativity, expand energy, increase neuron velocity, intelligence, and clarity, and upgrade habits & patterns – giving you an experience of more confidence, power, and focus to process work, gain competitive edge and participate in your life at a more accelerated level.

Key Takeaways

Quick and easy to implement tools and strategies to manage stress and fatigue and face the challenges of modern day life and business with strength, steadiness, caliber, and humor.

Who Should Attend?


Speaker Bio

Melody Isis Herman – Founder of Pop Benefits, Insurance Broker and Coach to Entrepreneurs.

As an agent, she presents insurance in a fresh, loving, manageable way so that her peers are equipped with the knowledge and appropriate plans as life and business continue to evolve.

As a coach and teacher, she offers non-traditional concepts and tools with an integration of yogic science and technology to minimize stress, make decisions from a place of power, amplify creativity, clarity, vitality, and intelligence, gain competitive edge, upgrade habits, and generate the long-lasting pattern of success.

Melody is a disruptor in her field, with her Insurance Crash Courses that take the “What-Ifs Out of Entrepreneurship,” and programs such as Intentional Networking & Strategic Network Building; Neurohacking & Optimizing the System; and her newest launch, Master Your Intentions.

She serves as a core leader, connector, supporter and growth initiator within the Asheville startup and entrepreneurial community in her role as Lead Organizer of 1 Million Cups Asheville and as a Mountain BizWorks Foundations Course Facilitator & Coach.