Shop + Dine Henderson County

Sun, Aug 2
Henderson County Chamber of Commerce

COC Shop and Dine

What is Shop & Dine HC?

Shop & Dine HC is a collaborative movement designed to remind the public of the benefits and importance of spending their dollars with our local businesses. Local businesses lay the framework for a strong community and we want Henderson County to shop local, spend local, save local.

Why does shopping locally matter?

When you shop locally:

  • $0.02 of every $1 stays in the community through the Sales Tax. These dollars support county and municipal budgets for schools, law enforcement, infrastructure, and more.
  • you help create and retain jobs for existing businesses as they succeed and grow, and create a successful business community that attracts other businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • those same businesses you are supporting will give back to our community through donations to non-profits, civic clubs, youth programs, and more.

Simply put – our local businesses make our community better.

Want to get involved?

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Shop to Win!

When shopping in Henderson County:

  • take a selfie, post it to Facebook or Instagram
  • use the #ShopandDineHC
  • tag the Chamber @hendersoncochamber and business visited
  • be entered to win bi-monthly contests.

Contests begin July 1, 2020.