PSABC Asks Residents to Sign Petition Against City’s Development Plan for Charlotte Street


The Preservation Society of Asheville and Buncombe County (PSABC) has released a statement voicing concerns with the city’s proposed development plan for Charlotte Street.

Owners and developers for the city’s development plan for Charlotte Street recently held a community meeting, required by the City of Asheville, for formal submittal of the project.  Because the Zoom format limited the ability for full discussion, PSABC wants to set the record straight on some of the arguments heard at that meeting:

1. These affected houses on Charlotte Street are in such bad condition they can’t be saved.


PSABC:  The tax value of the 13 homes is over 4.5 million dollars and they would bring considerably more if sold in today’s real estate market – even in their current condition.  They would make great starter homes for families looking for a project or investment properties for those more experienced in rehabilitation.

Homes in similar condition are being sold all over Asheville and successfully rehabilitated – a testament to what old and new residents in Asheville want.

2. The condition they are in was unavoidable.  

PSABC:  Some of these homes have been owned by the same family for nearly 40 years and they have continued to purchase homes on this block as recently as 2016.  The argument that they simply could not maintain the homes, begs the question, why did they continue buying homes they could not maintain?

What impact has the deterioration of these homes had on the neighborhood and neighbors, many of which have shared stories of their requests for basic upkeep of the homes being ignored?

3. The homes have little or no historic or architectural value.

PSABC:  All 13 homes are contributing structures to the Chestnut Hill National Register District, meaning they have met the Secretary of Interior’s strict standards for historic integrity.

From the National Register nomination: “As a collection of stylish turn-of-the-century domestic buildings, Chestnut Hill is rivaled in western North Carolina only by her larger sister neighborhood to the west, the Montford Area National Register Historic District.”

Help PSABC Save Charlotte Street

PSABC needs your help to stop this proposed development.  Please contact the city council and let them know how you feel about the plan.  With lawyers and PR firms, we know the developers are being heard, and PSABC wants to make sure you voice is heard too!

What else can you do?

Visit and for additional information on this issue.

EDIT 4/30/21: They now plan to demolish 12 historic homes and replace with 181 residential units and approximately 50,000 sq. feet of commercial space.

Prepared by PSABC.