Montford North Star Academy 8th Graders Create Green Space Designs

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Montford North Star Academy eighth graders recently had the opportunity to design the school’s outdoor green space, making it inclusive of student needs.

“When we got back from Winter Break, we started talking about the idea of how we want to make this space outside better and just more appealing to people who are coming to the school or are already at the school,” explained 8th Grader Mallory Giordano.

To begin, students were divided into one of eight teams.  Then, they toured the area directly outside Montford’s 8th Grade classrooms as well as its field before learning more about sustainable architecture, landscape design, gardening, woodworking, stormwater drainage, project management and historical documentation from local experts.  Then, each team developed its overall plan, complete with sketches and a 3D model, on how they wanted to elevate each space.


Local experts were invited to review each design, give feedback and explain whether or not it was suitable for the area.

Overall, three teams have been invited to go to the next round set for Thursday, May 19th.  From 2:00 – 3:30 PM, parents and the community at large will have the chance to review the designs, ultimately determining which will become a reality for the campus.  This phase will be done through grants written by next year’s MNSA 8th Graders.

“I think it is going to be really amazing,” said Giordano.  “I feel like it would be cool to come back once I graduate high school and see the plan that I helped with actually be a part of the school.”

A huge thank you goes to professional mentors for their support:

– Liz Beck with RootEd
– Lance Bledsoe with RootEd
– Rebecca Cipriano, a Landscape Architect with the City of Asheville
– Dallam Heart, a Project Manager with Deltec Homes
– Jay Korreck, a Documentarian with RootEd
– Brian Montelleone, a Local Artist
– Jay Korreck, a Documentarian with RootEd
– Valerie Welbourn, a Stormwater Specialist with the City of Asheville

Written by Asheville City Schools.