Bearfootin’ Auction Brings in $116,600 in Proceeds to Support Local Nonprofits

In an exciting conclusion of a month-long virtual auction, the 21st annual Bearfootin’ Bear Auction generated $116,600 to benefit local nonprofits, making the auction the third consecutive year the auction has surpassed $100,000.

Seven of the bears sold at the Buy Now option for $10,000, which was available through the Thursday leading up to the auction. A total of 54 bidders placed more than 155 bids throughout the auction period.

A countdown celebration was held at the Historic Courthouse Plaza in Downtown Hendersonville. Nonprofit representatives and volunteers cheered on their bears as bids came in during the exciting final minutes of bidding.


“In the last ten years, the Bearfootin’ Auction has raised over $715,000 to support local nonprofits each year. It is a true testament to the beautiful work by our local artists and the charitable nature of our local community” said Jamie Carpenter, downtown manager with the City of Hendersonville. “Not only does it support our local nonprofits, it provides something unique to Hendersonville that visitors and locals alike love to see every year on Main Street.”

Part of the proceeds from each bear benefit a designated local nonprofit. The first $3,000 of the winning bid is split with the organizing nonprofit, Friends of Downtown Hendersonville, to sustain the event and support the overall Downtown Program. Any amount above the first $3,000 goes entirely to the designated nonprofit (in other words, a maximum of $1,500 per bear will go towards Friends of Downtown Hendersonville).

Interested in Sponsoring a 2024 Bear? Online applications for a bear for 2024 are now open. It will be “first come first served” for all interested parties – current bear sponsors, wait listed sponsors and sponsors from past years that would like to participate in 2024. The application can be found at

Written by the City of Hendersonville.