City of Asheville Orders 340 Bear-Resistant Trash Carts

A bear trying to open a trashcan.
City of Asheville

The City of Asheville Sanitation is pleased to announce 340 additional bear carts have been ordered and Ultimate Trash Locks have been approved for use. This marks a significant milestone in addressing economical bear-resistant solutions.

The City of Asheville has purchased an additional 340 bear-resistant trash carts to be distributed this Spring to residents who have been patiently waiting for this solution. Each fiscal year Sanitation has budgeted to purchase 340 bear trash carts, but this fiscal year it was approved to purchase an additional 340 bear trash carts for a total of 680 carts. The distribution will prioritize individuals on the waiting list based on their length of wait, ensuring that those who have been waiting the longest receive the carts first. Residents on the waiting list will be contacted by Sanitation staff over the next few months to confirm their address and ensure that they still want a bear cart.

This initiative reflects the City’s commitment to addressing the needs of the community and providing solutions to wildlife management challenges. By expanding access to bear-resistant trash carts, the City aims to further enhance the safety and well-being of both residents and wildlife while promoting responsible waste management practices.


Residents can join the waiting list by visiting the City of Asheville’s website.

City approves new alternative bear-resistant trash cart straps

The Ultimate Trash Locks allow city residents to retrofit their existing trash carts to withstand encounters with black bears and other wildlife. Following testing (VIDEO available for media use) at the WNC Nature Center where food items such as mangos, apple/cherry pies, chocolate syrup, and marshmallow cream were used to entice the bears, the locks demonstrated their effectiveness in preventing access to the contents of the trash cart.

“We are excited to bring this economical bear-resistant trash solution for the community,” said Jes Foster, Sanitation Division Manager. “These locks provide residents with peace of mind knowing that their trash is secure and inaccessible to wildlife, helping to reduce potential conflicts and promote coexistence.”

Key highlights of the Ultimate Trash Locks include:

  • Multiple flexible straps that are both bear and weather-resistant

  • Quick and easy installation using stainless steel nuts and bolts

  • Side-release buckles for a release mechanism that can be easily undone with one hand by the community

Additionally, it’s important for residents to keep in mind that straps must be unbuckled when the trash carts are placed by the curb on sanitation days. This ensures that sanitation staff can easily access and empty the carts without any hindrance.

Community members can purchase the trash locks directly from the manufacturer at this link.

Written by the City of Asheville.