Give the gift of life – Donate blood!

The nation’s blood banks, represented by the American Red Cross, American Association of Blood Banks, and America’s Blood Centers, are asking for immediate blood donations to boost already low blood supplies. Blood is traditionally in short supply due to the holidays, travel schedules, inclement weather, and illness.  Individuals are asked to support their local blood centers by making and keeping an appointment to donate immediately.

Eligible donors are asked to schedule appointments to donate blood now – and on a regular basis. To donate blood, one must be healthy, at least 17 years old, weigh 110 pounds or more, and meet other donor requirements. Those interested in donating blood are urged to visit the American Red Cross’ Asheville Blood Donation Center at the American Red Cross’ website for donation and blood drive times and locations, to make appointments to give, and for more information.  Using the Red Cross’ online search tool, it’s quick and easy to find a drive close to you.

Every day, 40,000 pints of blood are needed in hospitals and emergency treatment facilities for patients with cancer, inherited blood disorders, and other diseases; for organ transplant recipients and surgical patients; and to save the lives of accident victims.  One of every 7 patients cared for in a hospital setting will need blood, and one pint of donated blood can save up to three lives. Giving blood is easy, safe, and it takes less than one hour, but less than ten percent of eligible Americans donate annually.  Help that number grow, and save a life, by donating blood today!