Asheville Gallery of Art April Show, “Contemporary Vistas” Featuring Sally Lordeon

Thu, Apr 15
Asheville Gallery of Art
82 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, USA
Asheville Gallery of Art

“Contemporary Vistas” opens at Asheville Gallery of Art on April 1st and features the modern landscape paintings of member Sally Lordeon.
Sally Lordeon studied fine art at Chatham University in Pennsylvania and now resides in Asheville, where she pursues her life-long passion of painting. Her work is represented in galleries and private collections across the United States. After a successful career as a technical writer and college textbook author, Lordeon returned to her first love of art. She identifies as an Abstract Impressionist, blending contemporary painting methods with classic impressionist styles to create unique works full of texture and soft, blended colors. Lordeon is drawn to abstraction because it “allows the mind to see what the eyes do not.” With a measure of ambiguity, her paintings invite the viewer to complete the image with their imagination.
For “Contemporary Vistas,” Lordeon captures familiar vistas in her unique style to celebrate the mountains and scenery from across the country, which are a constant source of inspiration for her work. From calm, serene landscapes to powerful, moving tableaux, Lordeon’s show pays special homage to the natural world. Her modern interpretations of landscapes are nuanced and approachable, collecting just enough detail to suggest a landscape familiar to the viewer’s personal experience.
Lordeon’s mastery of color to create atmosphere is on display in “Nature’s Reflections,” a heavily textured landscape depicting a mountain peak and evergreen forest on the edge of a frosty lake. Though the artwork is painted in her typical abstract impressionist style and minimalist in its content, Lordeon’s composition creates a landscape where you can tell the temperature just by looking at the scene.
In “Glorious,” Lordeon captures the nuances of light, the energy of water, and the perfect balance of color in a stunning composition of mountains and water. The powerful contrast of light and dark creates an epic, emotive landscape. As always, she refrains from a photorealistic representation in favor of a more textured and ambiguous landscape that draws on the imagination to be fully realized.
Visitors can see these paintings and more from April 1st to April 30th at the Asheville Gallery of Art, Thursdays through Sundays 12-5pm or by private appointment. On First Friday, April 2nd, Sally Lordeon will be available for an artist meet-and-greet from 5-8pm. All are welcome.