CALL FOR ARTISTS! Story Parlor’s Story/Arts Residency

Wed, Mar 15, 2023
This event has already occurred.
online w/ Story Parlor
Story Palor

Offered for BIPOC, LGTBQIA+, and individuals from other historically marginalized communities—the residency invites artists to present a three-week performance featuring the core elements of storytelling through art, collaboration, and exploration of the human condition.
Applications due April 30.


Story Parlor’s residencies exist to champion the creative work of locally-based artists and art groups hailing from BIPOC, LGTBQIA+, and other historically marginalized communities in the quest to amplify and bridge together the diverse fabric of voices in Asheville.

Specifically, the Story/Arts residency aims to provide a platform that showcases the transformative and healing powers of storytelling through all art mediums, while tending to the core values of Story Parlor’s mission, which include:

• Connecting audiences and artists from varying creative backgrounds and interests

• Informing, inspiring, and invigorating through the arts

• Promoting and fostering self-inquiry and mindfulness

• Cultivating creative exchange and cultural insight

• Fostering authenticity and inclusiveness

In addition to public performances and/or workshops, artists-in-residence receive dedicated rehearsal time in the space; an artist stipend; creativity coaching sessions; marketing and promotion; and more.

Applications for the 2023 summer residency are below and due no later than April 30, with preference given to applicants who cross disciplines, embrace collaboration, and present a residency proposal that embodies the core elements of storytelling through all art forms.