Leap Then Look – Light, Sound, Movement Workshop

Fri, Jun 5
10:30 am
Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center

RSVP Required
FREE + Open to All
Max 30 participants

Join participatory artists Leap Then Look to re-imagine the experimental Light, Sound, Movement workshops that took place at Black Mountain College in the late 40s, led by W.P. “Pete” and Elizabeth Jennerjahn. Little is known of the workshops themselves, except that they continued the college’s approach to interdisciplinary art practice begun with Xanti Schawinsky’s Spectrodrama and prefigured the famous Theater Piece No.1 staged by John Cage at BMC in 1952.

“We do not always create ‘works of art,’ but rather experiments; it is not our ambition to fill museums: we are gathering experience.” Josef Albers

This collaborative workshop will take place via Zoom. Participants will be invited and encouraged to work together to create movement, sound, text, and objects, using a variety of prompts. The work will be brought together for a virtual “performance” using a randomly created time structure, allowing all elements to be included, to have equal weight and for no one “view” or experience of the piece to be the same.

From the fragments of the original Light, Sound, Movement workshop that remain in the archives at BMCM+AC, the strong spirit of experimentation emerges. Eighty years on, we will create a space for improvisation, responsiveness, collaboration, and surprise in the virtual realm.

Participants are asked to familiarise themselves with Zoom in advance of the workshops, to think about the spaces in their home in which they can work (we do not only want shots of head and shoulders, but environments filled with light, objects and bodies!) and to collect together a few materials from home which might be useful – for example, torches (flashlights), coloured plastic, cardboard, tape, string, fragments of text, awkward objects, a desk lamp, paper and pens. Please use a computer rather than a tablet or phone to join the workshop.

This work is part of a practical research project, and we will be posting content on Instagram (via Leap Then Look and BMCM+AC) from June 1st. Follow us @leap_then_look.