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Sat, Jan 15, 2022
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Montreat Stewarts
The Montreat Conference Center (MRA) is planning to build a 40 room hotel with meeting rooms and an underground parking garage on Assembly Drive in the center of Montreat, directly across from Robert Lake Park. We are strongly opposed.
Montreat Lodge Proposal Update
Last week, after 50+ hours of meeting over several months, expert testimony, and significant financial resources, the BoA has decided to approve the MRA’s permit application. The Special Use Permit granted to the MRA allows them to build a 40 room hotel with underground parking and meeting rooms on Assembly Drive. This is adjacent to public and privately owned property that will be significantly impacted by major development. Along with the Montreat Stewards, we are very disappointed with this decision. We believe that the proposed hotel would be detrimental to Montreat as shown by the evidence presented by the Hayner and Jones families and the demolition of invaluable historic resources is needless at best. As further legal action is considered, please consider making a donation to support the effort. Find more information at