City of Asheville Announces New Litter Collection Service

The City of Asheville is pleased to announce an additional service to help address cleanliness in the community.

Through the aid of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding, City of Asheville staff were able to create a pilot program in response to community cleanliness concerns.

Starting this month, a new service dedicated to litter collection along city-owned streets and on City-owned properties will begin. While the City’s Central Business District already has a cleanliness contract in place, this is the first program dedicated solely to litter collection outside of the Central Business District.  This program will help close a community-identified gap in services along with meeting the City of Asheville’s commitment to provide equitable services throughout the community.


Through this new program, community members are able to report roadside litter concerns through multiple platforms: 

  • Asheville App “Report Roadside Litter Concern”
  • Email [email protected]
  • Call Customer Service: 828.251.1122

Reports of litter along roadways not served by the City of Asheville will be passed through established communications systems to NCDOT for response or service.

City of Asheville believes this additional service will make a positive impact on the general cleanliness of our community and lessen any potential negative effects of debris and waste on our environment.

The cleanliness pilot program is expected to run for two years, as funding allows. The program will then be assessed for effectiveness and impact, and a determination made as to ongoing future needs and resources required to continue the program. Quarterly progress reports will be available on the City of Asheville’s ARPA Project website.

Written by the City of Asheville.